Flickervertigo is a documentation of Andrew's interpretation of life through his viewfinder. Andrew comes from the sunny island of Singapore, and aims to invoke the same emotion experienced at the point of capturing the picture to his viewers. With humble beginnings in travel photography, flickervertigo also does portraiture and corporate/event photography with a documentary styled approach to capture natural moments.

Flickervertigo captures what is felt, what makes the picture instead of taking a picture. As a hybrid photographer, flickervertigo works with both mediums - analog and digital. Why film you might ask? Thats because Flickervertigo still believes in the timeless look and that magic in it, and would like to keep it alive and share the wonderful analog experience with you!

Flickervertigo's retirement dream would be to travel the world with a Leica M3, Rolleiflex and a Plaubel W67. Nothing electronical, just pure mechanical perfection to document all that flickervertigo will see, and share it with the world, like his idols - Gunther, Christine and Otto.

And as always, a photo is not a photograph till its printed.


If there is a certain project or event we can work together on, kindly drop me an E-mail and lets discuss to work on it together!

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